"It sounds like a much better experience for both the models and for the institutions. Congratulations and thank you for starting such a helpful and beneficial business!"

-UC Denver

"Thanks very much; the process of working with you has been very easy, I appreciate it"

-CU Boulder

“All of our students have really enjoyed the AOM models so far. They were both awesome to work with & extremely professional”- Tinker Art Studio 

-"We’re really looking forward to working with you!

-Community College of Aurora

"Glad to hear that you are developing such a resource....One of my biggest challenges is finding models" -Red Rock Community College


"I am so excited to offer this opportunity to my high school students and that your business gives me a method to hire a model that is less "random" than a craigslist ad! I have been nervous to request a "stranger" to come to the school for my students to draw. Your platform makes sure that my newbies get someone who is comfortable being "stared at".  Looking forward to working with you.”

- Prairie View High School Art Club

“This is a really cool idea! When I was studying at RISD, there was a similar organization based in NYC that impacted the surrounding region. We had the best models I have ever experienced.”- Longmont Figure Drawing Group

“This will be a fantastic resource!”-Boulder Art Association 

“This looks like a great group”- Louisville Art Association

“What a cool concept.  Congratulations on what looks like a really wonderful new endeavor! ”-Tinker Art Studio 

“What a great idea.  The website is great.  I was/am a fine art figure model for more than 20 years, I would have loved to found an organization like yours when I was doing more of it.”- Gay Men’s Figure Drawing Group

"Very cool what you've put together! "-Jordan Wolfson

"This service is almost too good to be true!"-Naropa University


Artist Group/School Feedback