Becoming a Model-Member

To become a model-member you must first:

-Be over age 18

-Complete online application Link to Model Membership Application Form

-Provide two professional art modeling references OR attend a one time model training workshop 

-Purchase a $50 yearly membership

-Complete online responsible cancellation agreement Link to Model's Responsible Cancellation Agreement

-Submit a $100 refundable* deposit


-Provide a W9 

email to:

or snail mail to: 2995 55th St Box 21501 Boulder, CO 80308

-Provide a copy of your Driver's License

-Provide a professional headshot (or non professional) & a clothed body shot

--Volunteer fine arts model for AOM for 3 hours/year.  This will either be at a Figure Drawing Marathon, a Fine Arts Model Training Workshop, or at a modeling job if preferred

-From 5/1/19 forward, all new model members must survive a six month probation period as a Provisional Model Member during which you prove yourself professional, reliable, & punctual. After surviving this initiation period, you will rise to the status of Model Member and receive the $1/hr pay increase

We pay our models $3-4 hr higher than the area average: $21/hr for the first 6 months, then $22/hr. Our clientele is growing to include several universities/colleges in the Boulder and Denver areas!  

If you do not have previous fine arts modeling experience email me here to be added to the sign up list for the next model-training workshop.