Model Feedback

“That sounds awesome. I'd love to be involved. I was an active member of the New Orleans Model Guild when it was still active. We did workshops, drawathons, and worked with local artists and institutions. It was a lot of fun working with other models to promote the craft. Count me in!”

"Sounds like a great organization!"

"I'm excited about what you're building with the agency. I've responded to art modeling gigs on craigslist before and the question of safety is always an issue. I appreciate your company goals with regards to model safety and compensation, and I'd be thrilled to be part of your core modeling team! Speaking as a figurative artist, I really appreciate individuals who facilitate life-modeling experiences for artists.” 

"This sounds like an excellent opportunity!"

“I'd be honored to be one of your inaugural models!  Yes, please count me in.  I applaud your goal of establishing figure modeling as a respected, legitimate and artistic profession".
"I'm interested!"

“I love what you are starting here, as I myself have wondered why there has not been such in Denver already! It sounds like you have a firmly grounded idea of what you want, as well as a great love and respect of the art of figure modeling, which is why I am honored and would love to be apart of this right from the beginning!  What you are doing with Art of Modeling brings not only a smile to my face but a sense of excitement for the future of the Colorado art scene as well!”

"I would love to join!"

"I am interested in taking part in your amazing group! I am very proud of your organization for creating a safer learning environment for everyone involved"

“I'm so excited to see this group!  I love that you were able to get this off the ground! I wish I had guidance when I started modeling”

  • Competitive pay (we set higher than average pay rates)

  • High exposure to potential clients

  • Job placement opportunities

  • Professional training

  • Seamless payment using a fast, secure payment app

  • Safety: we prescreen all clients, and model booking page is password protected​ for client viewing only

  • A personal platform on our website to host your photo & bio

  • Membership with a professional organization that promotes arts modeling as an artistic profession

  • Organized opportunities to build community among other fine arts models

  • Art of Modeling creates and promotes it's own figure drawing opportunities, which translates to more modeling job opportunities

  • Simple Application Process.  No need to go through the rigorous & repetitive application process at multiple colleges or to be subject to required retirement withholdings

Benefits to Models