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Fashion Illustration

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A course in the concepts of drawing for fashion. Emphasis on the ideal figure, male and female, for showing clothes to their best advantage. Whether you are a budding designer or simply interested in drawing people learn to draw gestures quickly with authority clothed and in mannequin form. Study many styles of fashion illustration from loose and stylized to highly rendered with emphasis on the differences in fabrics from patent leather to sheer chiffon, paisley to plaid. Touch on drawing hands, shoes and faces in a way that helps the overall style of the illustration.

Coming in September

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About Instructor: Robyn Cochran-Ragland

I am forever pulled to the simplicity and complexity of the human figure. I attempt to capture a pose quickly and fluently. The figure is so personal, so close and I am so very aware of its image. I, therefore, feel that I must work within the confines of the figure again and again. I strive to draw the ideal figure and the perfect mood of the pose while conscientiously trying to create a well-designed work of art. I learned from master figure artist Harry Carmean and master anatomical artist Burne Hogarth: as well as painters Dan McCaw, Lorrie Madden, Dawn Emerson and Peter Liashkov; illustrators Antonio Lopez, Lou Police and Bill Reiser; and designers Ruth Tulino and Walter Herrington.

My works are part drawing and part painting. I enjoy working the color to bring life to the surface. Limiting color is part of my mental process: get the light and the shadow then make it glow or feel the texture. Atelier 6000 print studio/Bend Art Center has opened new horizons of adding chine colle to texture, ink to pastel and figure to surface. Designing monotypes with figure drawings has warmed my artistic heart. Lately I've been consumed with just the drawing: lecturing on figure drawing, drawing in 2-4 workshops a week, choosing the colors, catching the gesture or movement, and exploiting the mood.

I have been a contributing illustrator to the Bend Fashion Quarterly. I have fine art showing at the Astro Lounge in Bend, OR and Lakewood Arts Gallery in Lakewood, CO, also at 40 West Arts District and Art Students League Denver. A member of Redline Contemporary Art Center. Currently teaching figure and still life drawing at Lakewood Arts Council, portraiture at the NoBo Art Center and portraiture and fashion illustration at the Spark in Boulder.

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The Muse Evolution Podcast Show

Click illustration to watch Robyn chatting about drawing figure and about 

creating art for social justice with 

Podcast Host, John Lewis Rushing, Jr.

Fashion Illustration


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