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Plein Air

Figure Drawing

*We need a minimum of 6 interested artists to run this offering.

  Please email with interest; we'd love to do this again this year!


Plein Air Figure Drawing

Offered May-September 

The model will be either partially clothed, bare chested (this is LEGAL for females to do in Boulder!) or draped. The model will choose to be in sunlight, under a purple canopy shade tent, or both.


Street parking is ample around the park's edges, and there is a six-spot parking lot on Wellington right by where we set up. 

Note: there are no public restrooms at this park.


*Set your GPS to the intersection: Wellington Rd & Brandywine Ct


Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 3.05.59 PM.png


Plein Air Photo Gallery

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