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Figurative Exhibits


Copy of First Annual Figurative Exhibit

Please join us during the month of May

to view Art of Modeling's first annual Figurative Exhibit featuring Robyn Cochran Ragland, Elaine Waterman, William Yu, Connie Ruel, Denise Chaudhari and Ileana Barbu.


A formal opening will be held in the NoBo Art District on First Friday, May 7th from 7pm-9pm at the Gallery at the Bus Stop Apartments 4895 Broadway St.  


The Gallery will be open regularly on Thursdays from 3-6pm, Fridays 3-6pm and Saturdays 1-6pm.  Personal viewings may also be scheduled. To request an appointment please contact Karen,

The NoBo Art District will be holding a member group figurative show coinciding with Art of Modeling's at the NoBo Art Center.

Art of Modeling will be holding a weekly uninstructed figure drawing opportunity weekly on Mondays at the NoBo Art Center beginning in May.

Art of Modeling will also be offering Plein air figure drawing offering beginning in May as well.  

I am forever pulled to the simplicity and complexity of the human figure. I attempt to capture a pose quickly and fluently. The gesture is so personal, so close and I am so very aware of its image. I, therefore, feel that I must work within the confines of the figure again and again. 

-Robyn Cochran Ragland


Live model drawings for artists are akin to first drafts for writers.  The time limit of a live pose does not allow for planning, revision, or judgment and this is its appeal for me. Much like a meditative process, it requires the artist to be completely present.  

– William Yu

Exhibit Gallery

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