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If we are in between model training workshops, there is an alternative if your goal is to attain eligibility to become an AOM model member.  You may purchase and read the training manual, and then get scheduled to audition/practice model for one of our small Monday

1-3pm drop in figure drawing groups at the NoBo Art Center. Email for instructions 

Training with Manual & Timer $50

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Our first two fine arts modeling training sessions were sponsored by The Boulder County Arts Alliance; held at the Dairy Arts Center

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Did you know that there are opportunities in the Boulder Metro Area to work as an Artist’s Model? Artist groups and schools regularly employ models of all body colors, genders, ages, shapes and sizes for nude, draped, costumed & clothed figure modeling.  


This workshop is an introduction to the profession of Fine Arts Modeling.  Upon completion you will be well informed and prepared to take the next step into the artistic field of Fine Arts Modeling-getting real life experience doing it; whether becoming job booking AOM Model-Member or venturing out to model on your own!


Artist & Founder of Art of Modeling, Ellen Allen, a former fine arts model, will cover the ins & the outs the practice.  Topics covered will include basics like terminology, types of modeling, what kind of venues and artists to expect, types of poses and sets, types of props, how to prepare beforehand, what to bring, etiquette for models & artists, tips and more.


You will also hear various perspectives on the artistic profession from our panel of experienced art models, ask them all of your questions and you will also have the opportunity to observe a live art model in action and try it out for yourself.  You will take home an art model's reference manual and model's timer.

Our third model training workshop was held at the

NoBo Art Center in the NoBo Art District of Boulder

The March 26th Boulder Arts Week workshop will take place at:

The Spark

4847 Pearl Street, B4

Boulder, Colorado

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Our fourth model training workshop was held in two parts: virtually & in a park

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Our fifth model training took place in the open door theater at the Spark

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