Figure Drawing Marathons are full (or half) day drawing sessions including multiple models, 100's of poses, chances to win prizes and more! 

Drawing Marathons take place at:

The Spark

4847 Pearl Street, B4

Boulder, Colorado


FULL DAY/October 18


Session times vary per Marathon.

Check details below for each Marathon.

Artists interested in booking AOM models for their own projects or classes are respectfully asked to do so through AOM so that AOM can remain in business to continue to provide a diverse group of quality art models for all of our unique artist offerings, as well as to continue to provide top pay rates and jobs with numerous clients to our models.

Art of Modeling’s postponed Boulder Arts Week Figure Drawing Marathon is finally coming up around the corner!  We have further reduced the already low Boulder Arts Week pricing from $35 to just $30!  


The first two hours will be short poses: dynamic one-minute gestures, followed by five minute warm ups, ten minute poses and twenty minute poses with piano accompanist, our multi-talented model Will Whalen.  Then there will be a half hour break to switch sets of models, let the artists stretch out and grab a pre-packaged snack and drink before the quiet final two hours of long poses: a 45 minute pose before finishing up with a one hour pose.  

We are playing it safe and following the precautions provided by trusted public health officials, so some changes have been made to our regular format to scale the normally bustling event down for safety:

Instead of our usual lengthy “marathons”, we will be reducing the length of time gathered and the number of art models present at the same time.  There will be two different sets of models at a time instead of the usual four. You will still get to draw four different models, collectively offering 60 different poses throughout the duration.  We are capping the artist attendees at 15, a half of the size of our usual marathon gatherings. Artists must pre-register; there will be no drop in for this event. All four of the Spark’s theater garage doors will be wide open, essentially making this a covered plein air venue (see picture examples to the left)!  There is even standing room outside of the doors in the real, 100% outdoors. We are asking the artists to bring their own easel or chair for as touch-less of an experience as possible.  You are welcome to use the Spark's chairs, as long as you put the back where you found them.  There is also ample riser seating for at least 1/3 of the attendees. We will tape out pre-measured spots for the artists allowing a minimum of 10 feet between each artist.


The Spark hosts a  “Socially Distant Conscience Space and will be adhering to CDC and State of Colorado recommendations for re-opening and will continue to update our policies and operating procedures to ensure that our space remains safe. Our space allows us to operate as an open-air venue for rehearsals and performances. We are bringing in a professional cleaning crew and continuing with stringent protocols for daily cleaning, wearing masks, and requiring physical distancing.  If we are able to host a live audience, this summer it will not be without alteration. We will be limiting audience capacity and welcoming patrons with a no-touch entry process.”

AOM models will be far enough away from artists to not have to wear a mask, but will each decide based on their individual comfort levels. Even though the space is considered "Plein Air", we ask that you wear your mask while in the theater so that EVERYONE can feel comfortable. If you'd rather go mask-less, you may take a spot in one of the four garage doorways!  



LIVE MUSIC  featuring:  

Acoustic Guitarist BenBurdette

& Ukulele Player Rheanna Medina

Thanks again to Upslope Brewing Company & to Proto's Pizzeria Napoletana for providing sustenance for our artists!

  • Thank you to all of our models for your enthusiastic participation!​

  • Thank you to all of the artists who traveled from far & near to come take part in our event!

  • Thank you to Hope & Patrick for helping out with artist check in & set up/break down!

  • Thank you NoBo Art District for loaning us your easels!

  • Thank you BoCo Cider for your generous hard cider donation!

  • Thank you Sean Gambrel & Will Whalen for sharing your musical talent with us!

  • Thank you Art Parts for your generous gift certificate donation!

  • Thank you to the Laughing Goat Coffeehouse for their very generous donation of coffee & pastries for all in attendance!

  • Thank you to the Arts Hub for loaning us their easels!

  • Thank you to all our models for their excellent performance art, kudos to Leo & Dave for helping set up easels & stages, & thank you to Will for making himself available at the last minute & also to Dave for saving the day when a model became unavailable at the last minute!  

  • Thank you to Patrick, our arts supporting volunteer for helping with check in, set up, break down, and generally contributing to the smooth flow of the event.

  • Thank you to Maputo Mensah for drumming for us after our scheduled am musician had a family emergency come up & thank you Jim Powers for your pm guitar playing!

  • Thank you to all of the artists who traveled from far & near to come take part in our event!

Marathon Photo Gallery



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