Figure Drawing Marathons are four+ hour figure drawing sessions including four nude models, two at a time, providing dozens of

poses. Some marathons include live background music, snacks

& drinks, and chances to win prizes! 


*Ages 18+ or with parent consent; link to parent signature form

Sunday, December 18th


Drawing Marathons take place at:

The Spark 4847 Pearl Street, B4 Boulder, Colorado

Artists interested in booking AOM models for their own projects or classes are respectfully asked to do so through AOM so that AOM can remain in business to continue to provide a diverse group of quality art models for all of our unique artist offerings, as well as to continue to provide top pay rates and jobs with numerous clients to our models.


Next Weekend! Figure Drawing

Sunday, December 18th 1-5:15pm (artist set up 12:45pm)

Draw four different models, two at a time, collectively offering dozens of different poses throughout the duration. The first two hours will be short poses: dynamic two-minute gestures, followed by five minute warm ups, ten minute poses and twenty minute poses.  Then there will be a short break to switch sets of models before the final two hours consist of one forty minute pose and one hour pose.  Set up allowing, models will be situated in the middle of the room. We work with whatever is going on in the theater at the time. Attendance will be capped at 20 to help ensure good views for all. Once the models for each marathon are set their names will be posted here.  We have four easels and four boards, nine drawing horses, as well as tables & chairs to share; or bring your own easel.  *Ages 18+ or with parent consent; link to parent signature form

2022 Marathon Schedule

SATURDAYS, 1-5:15pm:

SUNDAY, Dec 18

Marathon Photo Gallery